About Us
NSST has been committed to providing professional training for snowboarders in the Vancouver and Kootenay regions.

NSST is continuing to develop the coaching opportunities in British Columbia and we are looking to expand our programs for the upcoming season. Including revamping all Vancouver programs, adding the Academy Program at Red Mountain and growing our Girls Only Program.

The training Philosophy of NSST is based upon individual goals and progression within areas of interest. We believe this training philosophy is superior for a number of reasons. Athletes remain motivated to work towards their personal goals for the simple reason that the goals are not generic goals for the group as a whole, rather more rewarding towards personal achievements. Training sessions will be more enjoyable and thus a major positive environment to promote progression. This approach also focuses on improving athlete's strengths to promote confidence and eventually improving their weaknesses. Even if you are not interested in competing NSST's programs will help you to improve your riding skills.

Through the continued support of Canada~Snowboard and the British Columbia Snowboard Association, NSST's programs guide riders through the steps of competition at the local, Provincial and National levels. All athletes are encouraged to follow a dynamic training schedule based upon individual areas of interest. NSST's goal is to provide the highest level of coaching to all athletes while promoting a safe, positive and fun environment in which athletes may develop their abilities and progress towards their own personal goals.

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